40% SAW P3-Revolution

P3 Revolution: joint efforts

The P3 Revolution is the result of joint efforts between Saurenman Aero Works, Skip Stewart Airshows and Weimo Composites.

Weimo Composites is a company dedicated to the design, analysis and manufacturing of light weight structures. The company has a focus on aviation and the application of high performance structural fibers like carbon and aramid. Typically an optimal solution consists of integrating different materials though.

As such also the P3 Revolution, skins and spars are made in carbon fiber, landing gear is made in titanium, engine mounts and structural support are made from thin walled chrome molybdenum tube. Structural brackets are milled from solid air craft grade aluminum.

All parts are engineered to achieve the lowest possible weight and highest structural integrity. All structural engineering is validated through FEM analysis.

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Revolutionary Design

The Saurenman Aero Works LLC “Revolution” is an all carbon unlimited aerobatic biplane that is the culmination of 30 plus years of aerobatic aircraft design and modifications. The design intent was simple, create a new innovative clean sheet of paper design that is exquisitely beautiful from all perspectives with unmatched agility and performance.
The SAW “Revolution” is the product of intensive design studies using classic and computer aided aerodynamic analysis. The analytical results were verified using various scaled aircraft for flight testing.
The biplane configuration was chosen for several important reasons. The first being a biplane thinks it has more wing span than its actual wing span. In the analytical world this is referred to as the “Equivalent Monoplane Aspect Ratio” or EMAR.  This allows for the airplane to be physically smaller which enhances maneuverability about all three axis without sacrificing performance. The other significant advantage with the biplane design is the ability to have more wing area then a monoplane of equivalent aerodynamic size. This allows for a lighter wing loading, enhancing cornering and low speed maneuvers. The airfoils used on all flying surfaces are custom designed specifically for the SAW “Revolution”.
The fuselage of the SAW “Revolution” is heavily contoured to enhance the performance of the wings and to reduce overall drag.
The structural layout is very innovative as there are no flying wires. The wing cell structure is uniquely braced as the upper and lower wings share a common main spar making for a lighter structure overall.
The Revolution is designed around the Lycoming AEIO-540/580 engine and the Whirlwind aerobatic propellers, these combinations provide the best thrust to weight ratios possible.
 Precision Manufacturing
A revolutionary design for precision flying requires precision manufacturing. WEIMO Composites was chosen for the manufacturing of the SAW Revolution. WEIMO specializes in numeric composite manufacturing.  Weimo will dispatch the first full scale P3 Revolution this coming month. During the winter months the plane will be assembled in the US and soon after that will have its maiden flight.
We are proud to announce that well known airshow pilot Skip Stewart will be the first aerobatic pilot to fly our revolutionary new product.
The same company that builds the full scale is also building the RC model: Weimo High Quality Composites from the Netherlands. The same team, the same machinery and the same cutting edge technology.

I therefor fully support the 40% P3 Revolution RC model built by Weimo.
Sincerely, Eddie Saurenman